The Pope's Exorcist: Exorcism Review - Final Chapter (2024)

One day, in The Great Encyclopedia of Human HistoryUnder “Missed Opportunities” there will be a picture of Exorcism – the final act.

Not Father Amorth.

As Nani told you during one of the previous live shows, Exorcism – the final act It is directed by Joshua John Millerthe actor (played, as a child, Halloween III And Darkness is approaching(become a screenwriter)Final girls) and now the director, as well as Jason Patric’s half-brother and son that Jason Miller*Who you will probably (haha) remember as Father Kras ne And exorcist. So, it’s not his resume, but his very DNA that makes Joshua John Miller an interesting director for this project.

To all this we add that the character played by Russell Crowe in the film is called Father Gabriel Amorth Anthony Miller has a daughter named Lee Miller (Ryan Simpkins), who dreams of following in her father’s footsteps in film, and the semi-autobiographical work stinks very badly. The impression that the trailer left us with is that this film is inspired by the personal life of Jason Miller and his family to tell a horror story inspired by the legends found on the sets of films that are considered “cursed” such as, indeed, And exorcist Written by William Friedkin, also mentioned in the film evil soul And Omen. The impression is fully confirmed.

The first part of Exorcism – the final act (The usual meaningless Italian title, perhaps designed to make people think it was a sequel to And exorcist OD The Pope’s exorcist) Solid, little to say. Russell is always Russell, and here he plays an actor coming out of a bad period of addiction (here, too, Crowe was not accidentally chosen to evoke autobiographical elements) due to the death of his wife. His escape from the latter’s illness left his daughter psychologically traumatized. The result: Lee, the gifted one, has herself expelled from yet another school and is now forced to live with her father, who, due to a nasty death at the hands of the hero of a horror film in production, has won the aforementioned role and sees it as a chance to get back on track. In the movie within the movie (titled George TownLike, you guessed it, the Washington neighborhood in which it takes place. And exorcist), Anthony has to play an exorcist, and it’s clear that the movie is actually a remake of the other movie. But because of a combination of bad things, not least the fact that the director (that big face who looks like an eternal idiot) Adam Goldberg) is a piece of crap who crosses all possible professional boundaries to get the performance he wants from Anthony (there are also current events!), Anthony falls into a downward spiral that looks like a relapse but is not: instead, there is something behind that Moloch, the devil from The movie, which the actor owns IRL.

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So far so good! The film, while not very original, has the right pace, the right atmosphere, and evokes precisely that mystery and that mixture of horror and intimate drama that made Friedkin’s film great. The relationship between Anthony and Lee works very well, you can see that there is resentment on the one hand, and guilt on the other, but you can also realize how much the two love each other and how much Anthony loves each other. Crushing aside, he is a doting father devastated by the loss. Such psychological exploration is refreshing and now a rarity in horror, especially in such middling productions. I said to myself: Do you want to see me f*cked and this movie is a beautiful unexpected surprise?

The Pope's Exorcist: Exorcism Review - Final Chapter (2)

But nothing, guys. What do you want me to tell you: After a promising first act, and after a five-minute interlude in which people go get popcorn, pee, and drink coffee because the movie was already fraying a bit thematically, all that tension disappears into space for more general horror films, where no… Miller is even able to make the most of the meta element: from the slow pace we move on to Russell making his daughter look bad and collapsing like a spider in front of everyone, without which the episode leaves the slightest trace. It all ends in the third act with the most bizarre and vulgar exorcism (hey, that’s the title of the movie!) you can imagine, with the most vulgar conclusion you can certainly imagine.

The production, you think, is that bastard Kevin Williamson, who I assume is scouring Hollywood looking for meta projects to put his stamp on. But here, as I was saying, there is just the premise and the fact that the things that happen happen on set (and, moreover, perhaps the coolest thing in the movie, a completely reconstructed three-story house), but they are things that would have happened the same way everywhere , and the fact that it’s a movie feels like an influence more than anything else.

The Pope's Exorcist: Exorcism Review - Final Chapter (3)

Quality assurance.

Final note: Sam Worthington is also in the cast. Quietly, Sam joins that group of actors, like Nick Stahl and Kate Bosworth, who when they’re in the cast, you already know the movie’s not going to be bad. He doesn’t seem to hate me, but he’s really anonymous here. Fortunately, at least there’s a Russell Crowe with enough charm for two movies, in a movie that’s not even worth it.

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*He resides, fun fact, in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Pope's Exorcist: Exorcism Review - Final Chapter (2024)


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