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Swordhand of Night Jolan is one of the new NPCs you’ll encounter in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree who has a questline that runs alongside the main story and is connected to Count Ymir. To complete her side quest, here’s everything you need to know from where to find her, to the choices you’ll face, and the outcomes of those decisions.

Swordhand of Night Jolan Questline Steps

While we have a detailed walkthrough below, here's the quick list of steps to complete Swordhand of Night Jolan's questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree:

  1. Speak to Count Ymir at the Cathedral of Manus Metyr in Scadu Altus.
  2. Speak to Swordhand of Night Jolan, who appears near Count Ymir, then speak to Count Ymir once more.
  3. Ring the bell at the Finger Ruins of Rhia.
  4. Return to Count Ymir, then speak to Swordhand of Night Jolan.
  5. Defeat Tap to Reveal at the Finger Ruins of Miyr.
  6. Return to the Cathedral and defeat Tap to Reveal.
  7. Rest at the nearby Site of Grace.
  8. Speak to Swordhand of Night Jolan.
  9. Use either the Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation on Swordhand of Night Jolan.


Where to Find Jolan (First Encounter)

Jolan can be found with Count Ymir in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr, located in Scadu Altus. It sits in the middle of a body of water in the central part of Scadu Altus. It’s southeast of Shadow Keep, and northeast of Castle Ensis. To get there, you’ll need to travel through a hole in the ground in Moorth Ruins, which will take you up to Bonny Village. From here, you can cross a bridge over to the Whipping Hut and another that will take you to the Bridge Leading to the Village Site of Grace.

Go north along the path, following it until it winds back down to the south and to the Cathedral. When you step inside, you’ll see a large, imposing throne and someone sitting in it. Approach it and you’ll be greeted by Count Ymir. As soon as you’ve had the first conversation with Ymir, Jolan will appear.

You can find her kitted out in black armor, standing against a pillar on the western side of the cathedral. She’s not interested in talking to you when you try to engage her with conversation, but she’ll tell you she’s only worried about Count Ymir. Talk to her again and she’ll say that Ymir’s kindness is a gift and warn you not to cross him. After this, she’ll refuse to talk any further, but you can now ask Ymir about her.

Found Swordhand of Night Jolan

After Interacting with the First Ruins

You should return to Count Ymir first, where he’ll hand over a Beloved Stardust Talisman and the map to the second ruins. Speak to Jolan now, and she’ll be more open to you, saying that if you’ve gained Ymir’s trust, then you’ve also gained hers. There won’t be much else interaction beyond this, as she firmly states that you’re not friends or comrades, she’s simply following the wishes of Count Ymir.

Using Jolan as a Summon for Messmer

If you reach Messmer before you’ve concluded Jolan and Ymir’s quest, and depending on the choices you made in Hornsent’s quest, you’ll be able to summon Jolan to aid you in the fight.

Entering the Third Ruins

When you drop down to the Finger Ruins of Miyr, you’ll be invaded by Swordhand of Night Anna. This is Jolan’s sister, and you can return to the Cathedral and the option to tell her will appear. You can choose to tell her you were attacked or say nothing.


Tell Her You Were Attacked

If you tell her you were attacked, she’ll tell you to stop and say nothing. She’ll tell you she’s in your debt, but she has one star alone, and will only listen to him.

After the Metyr Mother of Fingers Fight

Swordhand of Night Jolan will invade you when you step back into the Cathedral. With Count Ymir after your head, she will attack. Rest at the Site of Grace after the fight with Ymir and you can find Jolan back in her normal spot, except, this time, slumped on the floor against the pillar.

Talk to her and she’ll say she can’t see the stars. If you’ve picked up an Iris of Grace and/or Iris of Occultation throughout your playthrough, you can use either one here.

Use the Iris of Grace

Using the Iris of Grace on Jolan will turn her into a Spirit Ash Summons.

Swordhand of Knight Anna

If you're wondering what happens with Swordhand of Knight Anna after telling Jolan you were attacked by her, read on.


Use the Iris of Occultation

If you choose to use the Iris of Occultation, you'll receive the Sword of Night.

Swordhand of Night, Jolan Questline Complete

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