How to complete Igon's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree (2024)

Igon is one of the new NPCs you'll meet in Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This fallen drake warrior's questline is intimately tied to the optional dragon boss Bayle the Dread, but he'll need your help to take his long-awaited revenge.

In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to complete Igon's questline in Shadow of the Erdtree, including where to find Igon, and all the steps you need to take to see Igon's quest through to the end.

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  • Where to find Igon - Gravesite Plain
  • Second meeting - Jagged Peak
  • Third meeting - After beating Bayle the Dread
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Where to find Igon - Gravesite Plain

Your first encounter with Igon is in Gravesite Plain, very close to the Site of Grace 'Pillar Path Waypoint'. Here is his exact location on the map:

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To reach this part of Gravesite Plain, you need to head east from the Site of Grace 'Castle Front' just outside Castle Ensis, staying on the path that leads up the hill toward the Suppressing Pillar (as going down into the valley will take you to Cerulean Coast instead).

You'll ride through a dark forest full of ghostly gravestones as the path curves round to the south. As you continue up the hill, you'll likely hear Igon's moans before you catch sight of him, and it's clear he's in a great deal of pain. If you try and talk to him, though, you won't get much out of him. All you can do during this first meeting with him is listen to his cries of agony about "Bayle! Vile Bayle!"

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Yeesh, who is Bayle and how did he hurt you, Igon? The answer to those questions will come in time, of course, but if you want to root out a teeny bit more lore about Bayle before progressing to the next step of Igon's questline, then there's a place you should visit before taking things further.

Optional: Head to the Elder's Hovel, which you'll find on the hidden route to get to Scadu Altus on the cliffs below the Fort of Reprimand. Here, you'll find a ghostly NPC that has a few words to say about Bayle, revealing he is a "tyrant drake" whose fury is "yet to crest its zenith". The ghost will implore Bayle to "lay waste to the proud, the conceited, each, ev'ry last one of that arrogant lot", revealing some kind of long blood feud that Igon seems to be a part of as well.

You'll also find the Talisman of the Dread here, which "raises the potency of magma" when equipped and depicts the "dread dragon of the jagged peak" - namely, Bayle. The talisman's menu description also says Bayle is a "terrible harbinger of destruction whose challenge to the ancient Dragonlord ended in grievous mutual injury," which gives us a little more information about this terrible feud.

For now, though, that's all there is to this first encounter with Igon, and you'll find him next in the aforementioned Jagged Peak.

Second meeting - Jagged Peak

To reach Igon's next location, you'll need to head to Jagged Peak, which is the large volcano taking up the whole eastern side of the Southern Shore region. You'll find Igon's precise location on the map below:

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To get there, you'll need to continue down the road where you first met Igon, following the path through the rows of dragon statues until you get to Dragon's Pit.

You'll need to pass through Dragon's Pit and defeat its boss, Ancient Dragon-Man, in order to reach the Site of Grace 'Dragon's Pit Terminus'. From here, you'll emerge into an area known as the Foot of the Jagged Peak. To reach Igon, you'll need to climb a fair bit further up the mountain, and fend off a total of three Jagged Peak Drakes as you go.

The first of these fearsome Jagged Peak Drakes is just in front of you, it turns out, and you'll see it immediately as you crest the hill coming out of Dragon's Pit.

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You can technically avoid this fight by riding past the sleeping dragon and heading up the path to the north-east. However, I'd recommend sticking around to get some practice in fighting this kind of dragon, as you'll need to beat two of them simultaneously further up the mountain before you can meet Igon for a second time.

In any case, whether you deal with the Jagged Peak Drake or not, you'll want to head north-east up the mountain, following the path round the northern side of the crater containing the Finger Ruins of Rhia down below.

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Continue through the gusty trees and summon Torrent so you can use the Spiritspring to leap up to the next part of the trail. The weather gets increasingly hairy up here, with red lightning flashing across the sky, and everything looking positively apocalyptic the higher you climb. Cross the wooden bridge and rest at the Site of Grace 'Foot of the Jagged Peak' on the other side.

Round the corner, you'll come across those two Jagged Peak Drakes I mentioned earlier, though thankfully they're fighting each other when you first arrive. You can wait it out so one takes out the other before getting involved yourself, but both will need to be defeated before Igon shows himself for a second time.

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When both dragons have been defeated, you'll hear Igon laughing in the darkness. He now recognises you as a true drake warrior, and will ask you to grant him his final wish.

He will give you Igon's Furled Finger and ask you to scale the rest of Jagged Peak to fight Bayle the Dread, using his finger to summon his soul so he can fight alongside you and exact his revenge.

Once you've exhausted his dialogue, it's time to leave Igon behind and continue your climb up to the top of Jagged Peak to fight Bayle the Dread.

How to get to Bayle the Dread

The path to get to Bayle is pretty straightforward, as there's only one way up the rest of the Jagged Peak mountainside. However, we've listed the basic steps below, as there are some tricky platforming sections, and an optional boss you'll meet along the way:

  1. Continue to head east from Igon's location, and use Torrent to jump up two Spiritsprings.
  2. Loot the Rune of an Unsung Hero from the corpse at the top and continue up the path to the left (the path to the right is a dead-end, though it does contain Jagged Peak's only Scadutree Fragment at the end of it, so this is worth picking up on your way up).
  3. Climb a little higher and you'll find the Ancient Dragon Senessax sleeping in a shallow lake. This is an optional boss, and you don't need to beat Senessax to get to Bayle. To continue, simply ride past it up the path to the left.
  4. Keep going past the slain dragons until you reach the end of the cave, and rest at the Site of Grace 'Jagged Peak Mountainside'.
  5. Continue west, avoiding the bolts of red lightning hitting the ground as you climb higher past the increasing numbers of dead dragons.
  6. Use the Spiritspring on your left to jump up to an elevated ridge. Continue down it and stay close to the left side of the mountain path as it rises upwards.
  7. You'll need to use Torrent to jump across a large gap at the end of the ridge to the next part of the trail.
  8. Use the Spiritspring on the other side of the gap to leap up to the final part of the trail, and keep heading east through the many dragon corpses up the hill.
  9. At the end of this section, you'll reach the final Spiritspring, which takes you straight to the Site of Grace 'Jagged Peak Summit'. Bayle lies just beyond it, and you'll be able to summon Igon using the summoning stone just inside the boss arena.
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Third meeting - After beating Bayle the Dread

Once Bayle has been defeated, return to Igon's previous location near the Site of Grace 'Foot of the Jagged Peak'. With his wish fulfilled, you'll find his body on the ground in the same spot where he was before.

Interact with it, and you'll receive the following rewards:

  • Igon's Greatbow
  • Igon's Helm
  • Igon's Armor
  • Igon's Gauntlets
  • Igon's Loincloth
  • Igon's Bell Bearing

This concludes Igon's questline, but there's more to find out about Bayle's story even after you've defeated him. Next, you should take the Heart of Bayle to the Dragon Communion Priestess on the southern edge of Jagged Peak.

Need more help? Improve your stats by finding all of Shadow of the Erdtree's Scadutree Fragment locations and Revered Spirit Ash locations. Alternatively, see which Erdtree bosses you've still got left to beat, and track down some great new early weapons to help you on your adventure.

How to complete Igon's questline in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree (2024)


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