Elden Ring D, Hunter of the Dead Questline Guide (2024)

D, Hunter of the Dead is one of several NPCs in Elden Ring who has a side mission for you to accomplish. In this Elden Ring D, Hunter of the Dead Questline guide, we will explain each and everything related to the D, Hunter of the Dead quest in Elden Ring including where to find this NPC, how to begin their questline, the outcomes of your choices along with all the rewards that you will get. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

D, the Hunter of the Dead is a non-player character in Elden Ring. He is an undead hunter who can be encountered near the Tibia Mariner boss, as well as at the Roundtable Hold afterwards.

D, Hunter of the Dead can also be fought and if it dies somehow, he will drop Twinned Helm, D’s Bell Bearing, Twinned Armor, Twinned Greaves and Twinned Gauntlets.

He also sells Incantations such as Litany of Proper Death Incantation for 2500 Runes and Order’s Blade Incantation for 3000 Runes.

First meeting with D, Hunter of the Dead (Optional)

D, Hunter of the Dead appears for the first time in the West Limgrave Area, near the Summonwater Village Outskirts, standing next to a corpse. Here, he warns you about the Summonwater Village.

He thinks that the Summonwater Village is touched by death, but you will ignore his warnings and head to the Summonwater Village, east of D’s location. You’ll face a Tibia mariner here.

Defeat Tibia Mariner

Tibia Mariner is a mini boss of sorts and a total pushover. Just ride on Torrent and do drive-by attacks to take him down. He will summon a few skeletons to back him up, but you can ignore them.

Defeat Tibia Mariner to progress the quest of D, Hunter of the Dead and also to get Deathroot which will be dropped by Tibia Mariner once you have defeated him.

Talk to D, Hunter of the Dead again

Once you have defeated Tibia Mariner, go and talk to D, Hunter of the Dead again. You can go straight to him at the Roundtable Hold and talk to him or you can rest at the Site of Grace first and then talk to him.

If you choose to rest, then D will be at the south entrance of Summonwater Village, next to the tree stump remains. Give him the Deathroot and he will ask you if you want to hunt “Those Who Live in Death” aka Ghosts.

If you accept his offer, he’ll tell you to visit Gurranq the Beast Clergyman and set a red flag on the map indicating a portal leading to him.

Get to the Bestial Sanctum

Once you are done talking with D, Hunter of the Dead, head to the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid which is already marked on your map.

By traveling to the “Sending Gate” in East Limgrave (near the Third Church of Marika behind some bushes), you may teleport there without having to go through Caelid. Talk to Gurranq once you have opened the doors.

Second meeting with D, Hunter of the Dead

Your second meeting with D, Hunter of the Dead will be at the main table at Roundtable Hold only if you have already given 1 Deathroot to D, Hunter of the Dead and have also visited Gurranq at the Bestial Sanctum.

As we mentioned earlier, D also sells incantations. This happens only if you have completed the above-mentioned objectives. One thing to bear in mind is that you won’t be able to advance D’s questline until Fia and Rogier’s questlines have been completed.

Third meeting with D, Hunter of the Dead

To meet D, Hunter of the Dead for the third time, you have to complete Rogier’s Questline and get a note from Rogier about twin brother of D.

After that, you have to progress Fia’s Questline and unlock the Grand Lift of Dectus. Speak with Fia and ask to be held, you’ll be able to speak with her again, and she’ll give you the Weathered Dagger, instructing you to locate the owner.

The owner will be D so go to Roundtable Hold and hand the Weathered Dagger to him. After that, resting in the Site of Grace will refresh the Roundtable Hold, and when you return to Smithing Master Hewg, the rear door will be open.

Head inside to find Fia over D’s corpse. After Fia has vanished, you can go to his body and take a Bell Bearing as well as the Twinned Set. Keep this set safe and don’t tamper with it as it’s essential to progress the D’s Twin Brother Quest.

D’s twin brother can be found in Nokron, before the arena for the Valiant Gargoyle. There is another alternative as well. You can kill D and deliver the armor to his brother at his initial location. D’s brother will be hostile to you after reloading the location or game and can be battled.

Elden Ring D, Hunter of the Dead Questline Guide (2024)


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