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D, Hunter of the Dead is one of the many NPCs you'll encounter that has a side quest to complete in Elden Ring. For this part of our Elden Ring Wiki guide, you'll find details of where to find him, how to begin his questline, and the outcome of the choices you make along the way.

Where to Find D, Hunter of the Dead in Limgrave

The first place you may encounter D in the West Limgrave area. Head to Summonwater Village Outskirts and you'll spot D standing over a dead body. He'll warn you about the dangers of Summonwater Village and suggest you stay away. While you're free to heed his warning, continuing into the village will reveal the Tibia Mariner field boss, whose defeat will provide a crucial item required for progressing D's storyline.

Defeating the Tibia Mariner and reloading the area without traveling to the Roundtable Hold will cause D to move to be near the southwest side of Summonwater Village. Whether you choose to show him the Deathroot here or at the Hold, he will have the same dialogue concerning Gurranq, as outlined below.


D, Hunter of the Dead at Roundtable Hold

If you are unable to find D in Limgrave, he will eventually appear at The Roundtable Hold, although the exact trigger to get him to relocate is unknown. To progress his questline, however, you will still need to show him a Deathroot, either from a Tibia Mariner field boss (the easiest one to reach at this point is the one near D's initial location in East Limgrave) or any of the other locations listed in the table below.

After securing your first Deathroot, you'll have the option to show it to him at which point he'll tell you that you should meet the Beast Clergyman Gurranq. He'll leave a red mark on your map that will allow you to teleport to the beasti*al Sanctum in Caelid.

Upon reaching this location, you'll find a hooded, catlike figure that will angrily demand you feed him Deathroot; doing so will reward you with various spells and items as listed below. The first reward will include the Clawmark Seal, as well as an item that will alert you when you are near the presence of Deathroot.

D, Hunter of the Dead

Deathroot Locations and Rewards

Seek out the following locations to find Deathroot by defeating either Field Bosses, or Those Who Live in Death that hide in certain dungeons:

  • Deathtouched Catacombs - West Limgrave, defeat the Black Knife Assassin and loot the chest in the room.
  • Summonwater Village - East Limgrave, defeat the Tibia Mariner on the north side of the zone.
  • Southwest of the Carian Study Hall - East Liurnia, defeat the Tibia Mariner located along the main ridge road going towards the Divine Tower of Liurnia
  • Black Knife Catacombs - East Liurnia, defeat the Cemetery Shade and loot the chest in the room.
  • Wyndham Ruins - Altus Plateau, defeat the Tibia Mariner located at the ruins.
  • Gelmir Hero's Grave - Mt Gelmir, defeat the Red Wolf of the Champion and loot the chest in the room.
  • Stargazer's Ruins - Mountaintop of the Giants, defeat the Tibia Mariner located at the ruins.
  • Giant's Mountaintop Catacombs - Defeat the dungeon boss of this catacomb to receive a Deathroot.
  • Hidden Path to the Haligtree - Defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit field boss in this dungeon.
Deathroot GivenItem Reward
First DeathrootClawmark Seal (Incantation Catalyst)
Second DeathrootBestial Sling Spell
Third DeathrootBestial Vitality Spell
Fourth DeathrootAsh of War - Beast's Roar
Fifth DeathrootBeast Claw Spell
Sixth DeathrootStone of Gurranq Spell
Seventh DeathrootBeastclaw Greathammer
Eighth DeathrootGurranq's Beast Claw
Final DeathrootAncient Dragon Smithing Stone


Warning - after giving Gurranq around three Deathroots, he will go temporarily insane and attack you the next time you visit. You'll have to fight him and shave off a bit of his health before he comes to his senses, and will back down. If you're having trouble with his relentless attacks, you can try luring the hm outside to attack through the doorway and hit him.

D, Hunter of the Dead and Fia

Here is where D's story intertwines with Fia's Questline. After receiving the Cursemark of Death from Carian Hall, speak with Fia using the "talk in secret" dialogue prompt. She will give you a weathered dagger and ask you to return it to its owner. Speak to D and he will express his surprise that you have the dagger, but will agree to return it to its owner. Reload the area and head to the hallway near Master Hewg and Roderika to find the far doorway is open.

Upon entering the room, you will find Fia standing over D's corpse, having apparently killed him. Fia will admit to her treachery and her status as a Deathbed Companion, and then disappear from the Roundtable Hold. At this point, D's quest ends, and you are no longer able to purchase incantations with him. However, you still have the option to exact vengeance upon Fia through the help of D's twin brother.

D, Hunter of the Dead (Second Meeting)

D, Hunter of the Dead's Younger Brother Location and Sub-Quest

Once you have made your way to Nokron, rest at the Ancient Grounds Site of Grace, then head north, further along the cliff until you see a buttress you can traverse down to the area below. Head through the aqueduct, to the far side, until you see a pale figure sitting near a set of covered stairs leading upward into an arena. This is D's younger brother.

If you took it off of D's corpse, you now have the option to give D's brother the Twinned Armor set. This will reveal to him that D has been killed, and will cause him to show up later on if you choose to continue to pursue Fia's quest.

D, Hunter of the Dead Questline Complete

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