Butternut Squash Lasagna Pie Recipe (2024)



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I'm aware of two kinds of lasagna noodles - the kind that need cooking in advance before making the lasagna, and the kind that will soften and cook in the pan without softening them in boiling water first. Which type does this recipe take?


even though i own many springform pans, if i made this i wouldnt bother using one. i'd use a 9" square pan, as it's easier to cut into squares rather than wedges. just scoop out of the pan to serve. round pan works, too, of course.

Ellen K

Another winner from Ottolenghi! Veganized beautifully using plain soy milk and olive oil for the béchamel, and "walmesan" for the grated parm (1 heaping cup walnuts, 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1 tsp grated lemon zest, 3 T nutritional yeast, 1 minced small garlic clove, ground to fine crumbs in a mini food processor)


Followed the recipe for the first time and it turned out well. First time making béchamel and needed much more milk to get it right. I do get frustrated when recipes say 2 hours to make and it takes me 3. With bake times and rest time @ an hour and 40 minutes, I’d like to watch any home cook peel, cut squash, measure and combine ingredients in the remaining 20. I rely on NYT recipes for 40 years and times are never near reality. Thanks


I’d like to hear suggestions for those of us who don’t have the requisite springform pan. Thank you!


Since the recipe has an hour + in the oven, I'm going to guess and say the regular lasagna noodles would work in that amount of time.


This always drove me crazy too until I realized that the published time does not include the time to gather everything that is in the ingredient column. So for this recipe, it assumes that you have already peeled and sliced the squash, crushed the seeds, chopped the garlic and measured all the other ingredients. My understanding is that they do this because cooks vary greatly in how long it takes to chop things. Personally, I think they should show the total time, using an average.


I used fresh (store bought) lasagna noodles and they worked fine. No baby spinach here so I used “mature” spinach. Next time I would rip the spinach into even smaller pieces, as hard to cut through. Otherwise, delicious.


It was a bit ambitious of us to make this for a weeknight meal, but it was delicious. We substituted lacinato kale for spinach.


How to you get squash in 1/8th inch sluices? I’m thinking use a vegetable peeler or mandolin?


I agree that a regular baking dish will work just fine. The lasagna presents beautifully once cut and placed on a plate. I used thick egg noodles from my pantry instead of lasagna noodles. Once my lasagna was done baking I was dismayed to notice I forgot to add the cumin and coriander at the start of the recipe. I toasted the spices in a small pan, ground them to a finer powder and sprinkled some on top before serving. A very forgiving recipe, all flavor and deliciousness!


The Guardian published this recipe several years ago - everything pretty much the same but no bechamel. A quarter of the ricotta and feta is reserved to top the pie, cover with foil to bake and after an hour, remove foil and top with OO til browned and crispy, about 30 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley.


Nikki: Aleppo chili flakes are milder, so I'd start with a smaller amount of red chili flakes and add more if you like more heat.


I bought Aleppo pepper on Amazon. I find that I am using it in a lot of meals.

Suzanne B

I used fresh pumpkin instead of butternut squashAnd replaced spinach with Swiss chardIt was delicious


I just made this for the third time. Adding a 1/4 C of water doesn’t hurt. Make sure to check that the squash and pasta are fully cooked. It might take up to one and a half hours. Love this recipe!


Definitely not a weekday night dish to make. As others have noted, I didn't think the entire mixture would fit into the springform pan, but, it did. I sliced the squash too thickly, I think, so next time will do better with that. I used whole-wheat lasagne noodles; after the hour was up I had to add a little water and bake it for about 15 more minutes. I used ground spices-about 1 tsp. cumin and 1/2 tsp. coriander.


Used no bake noodles and MOST of it was just perfect -- however wherever 2 noodles stuck together they didn't properly soften. As nice as it is to just through everything into the sauce and press into the mold, I will make noodle layers next time. The first time I made it as written, and the 2nd time used ricotta/cottage cheese/egg for the topping and baked covered until the last few minutes. - its a nice shortcut. The recipe lends itself to any number of variations.


This is an absolute winner of a recipe. It seems like a lot of mix, but will fit in the springform when pressing down. Would work well in other pans as well.


Delicious! Unique! Easy! …the only thing is I have a hard time getting the parchment , under the pie, out of the way to serve. Any tips? Thank you-


Delicious! I really love that Yotam’s recipes tend to use such a high proportion of vegetables to starch. 6 servings is ambitious for a dish this tasty.


I am not sure how anyone fit this in a 9-inch round pan. I barely got this in a 9x13 rectangle!


Make your hand into a fist and layer after layer press,press, press down hard using your knuckles and and folded fingers. As Ottolenghi says, you want to hear the noodles cracking and breaking.


This is a great recipe! I thought it would be too complicated but it wasn't- just a few steps really. We ate it all despite the fact that because I did not slice the squash all as thinly as I should have, some parts were not done enough. It was unclear whether one was supposed to use the regular lasagna noodles or the no-boil ones, but it didn't seem to matter- we used regular and it was fine. Wonderful flavors and textures.


I use Aleppo all the time and would recommend cutting the quantity in half as two teaspoons is aggressive for most palates. My one springform pan was in use, and I didn't have a nine-inch square pan, so I used a regular 9 X 13 lasagna pan and, while obviously the lasagna didn't stack as high, the essence of the dish was still there and still looked elegant when served to company. Next time I will just roast a whole butternut squash and just scoop out the insides.


Love this recipe, but thought the bechamel was a waste. I usually just skip it, or sprinkle a little cheese on top.

Joe Wack

Loved the flavors in this, but I'm wondering where exactly I went wrong, because the majority of my noodles were undercooked. Lots of chewy and lots of uber-crispy; utter minority were perfectly cooked. Saw in notes that someone added water to the pepper mixture, so maybe I'll try that. Maybe wasn't compact enough? Maybe wasn't sealed tight enough? Baffled. But I'll give it a second go, as Ottolenghi recipes are so often a win for me.


I wouldn't add water but maybe cook it longer. Maybe it was not compact enough. When I make it again I am going to cook it at least 20 minutes longer before adding the bechamel.


Make sure you are using enough greens and mix well- they exude water and hydrate the noodles.


This was good but very rich. It’s kind of a Middle Eastern version of lasagna. A little like a vegetarian moussaka. I made it in an iron skillet and it held together well when cut into pieces for serving. I used no-boil noodles and added a lot of water and still had to turn the top noodles under after an hour baking. I even added more water before adding the béchamel and it was not at all soupy. Not sure it wouldn’t have been just as easy - or easier - to layer as usual.

Hamlin O’Kelley

I used a delicatta squash this time as the butternut squash at the store were too big, Also, I soak no-boil lasagne noodles in warm water for 10 mins before tearing into the mixing bowl. And a 10-12 oz pack of frozen spinach, thawed, drained, and well rung out by hand works, too. One of my all time fall favorites


OK, nice recipe, good use of butternut squash. Probably better if you have help in the kitchen to chop veggies and clan pans. Precise planning expected if you use the oven to help peel the squash too.All in all, my fav part of the recipe is the peppers/tomato paste/spices mixture. I think I could definetely adapt this part to a pasta gravy or a dip.

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Butternut Squash Lasagna Pie Recipe (2024)


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